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Theatre Project 1: Quarantine Video

Quarantine Theatre Project 1

Week of March 23-27, 2020


SUBJECT: ALL Theatre 1-4 AND ALL Production 1-4

TOPIC: Shared Performance Stream: #1

LESSON TITLE: “Quarantine”

OBJECTIVE: Create an original art piece using “quarantine” as your prompt.



  1. Prompt: “Quarantine”

  2. Performance piece must be 30 seconds long. Can be a spoken video, music video, animated video, etc...

  3. Class parameters regarding appropriate language, subject matter, bullying, violence, drugs apply.

  4. Be creative. You may video yourself or family members. Your art piece subject could be something other than people and text. Your piece may include 30 seconds of copyrighted music. Your piece may include original music.

  5. Your piece must feature the word “quarantine” at least once. This may be literally spoken, or text, or creatively woven into your piece.

  6. Must be video recorded and shared via email,, google drive, google classroom, instagram (jesykuhzigi), or tiktok (jzeidrama).

Materials: phone or other recording device. It is not required but you can use audio software such as: Audacity, WavePad, Ocenaudio. It is not required but you may use movie making software such as: Filmora9, Windows Moviemaker, Photo App.

DUE DATE: 4pm on Friday, March 27, 2020.



See the google folder, 2020 Quarantine Lessons: Student Folder, Mrs. Zeigler shared to your school email. It has a longer original video. Original video was too long to share here. *Note the glass bottle is a topo chico water bottle with a fake label.



  • Video is at least thirty seconds long, no longer than two minutes.   20 points

  • Quarantine is referenced at least once.   20 points

  • Language and subject is appropriate.   20 points

  • Deadlines met.   20 points

  • Reflects originality. Satire or “a spoof” may use another subject as inspiration, but a pirated or stolen idea is not acceptable.   20 points