Driver's Education Classes

Online Practice Written Driver's Tests

Online Practice Written Driver's Tests are available through the Ward County Library at the following link: 


DL Handbook

The Texas Driver's License Handbook is available at the following link:


Documents Needed for Driving Test

Green Form - may get from Mr. Jones at the Administration Building after Driving Portion of Driver's Ed is complete

Verification of Enrollment (VOE) - get from the MHS office (only good for 30 days)

Completed 30 Hour Driving Log - click here for copy

Learner's Permit

Proof of insurance on vehicle that will be used for testing

ITTD Certification of Completion starting September 1, 2015**

For more information about getting your drivers license, visit this website: http://www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLicense/ApplyforLicense.htm


**New Requirement

Starting September 1, 2015 (date was originally set for April 1, 2015), in addition to the classroom portion of Driver's Ed and the driving portion of Driver's Ed, students will have to complete the Impact Texas Teen Driver course available online at: https://impacttexasteendrivers.dps.texas.gov/.

Upon completion of the ITTD program teenagers will receive a Certificate of Completion that must be presented prior to administering the drive skills examination.  The ITTD Certificate of Completion must be dated within 90 days of the administered skills examination.
The Impact Texas Teen Driver (ITTD) Program was developed by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) with the goal of saving lives on our Texas roadways through awareness and education. The ITTD Program is a 2 hour informational video developed to help educate young or new drivers in an effort to reduce the risk of being involved in automobile crashes, particularly those caused by distracted driving. Complete ITTD requirements may be viewed at: https://impacttexasteendrivers.dps.texas.gov.

For questions, please contact the DPS Driver Education section at TPSTprogram@dps.texas.gov.  If a student visits a DPS location and has any issues concerning this please have them call the Driver Education section (512-424-5623) here at DPS before leaving the station so we clear things up so they do not have to make a return trip.

Statutory Authority

37 Texas Administrative Code, Section 15.62

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