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Joe Barrow

BANDMHS Band information, news, and other stuff (updated 3-24-20)

Due to the corona virus pandemic, our normal band routine has been disrupted.  All UIL Band Concert and Sightreading contests and related rehearsals, practices, etc. outside of the school day have been cancelled.  Normal band practices during the school day and other practices and performances may resume in the future at the discretion of the school district and the state of Texas.  The band directors are mindful of the anxieties that everyone is facing at this time.  Our goal is to provide the best experience possible for the band students of MWPISD.  The MWPISD directors are currently in a network with other Texas band directors, and much creative work is being done behind the scenes so that band students will have positive musical opportunities.  We will have alternate online band activities available throughout the current crisis, and we will attempt to be as fair and reasonable as possible when applying the grading criteria as approved by the administration of MWPISD.  Please contact the band directors via phone or e-mail with any concerns or questions you might have.  The direct phone line into the band hall is (432) 943-1420.  Mr. Barrow’s e-mail is (the first letter is “t”, not “j”). 

  • There will be no new grades taken for the current grading term (5th six weeks).  Due to the current situation, Mr. Barrow is dropping one missing/failing grade for every HS band student.  If there are multiple grades needing to be made up, Mr. Barrow will accept a written or typed two page essay for each missing/failing assignment (one essay per missing or failing grade) on a musical composer of the student’s choice.  In the essay, please include the composer’s biographical information, details about their compositions and contributions to music, and why this composer’s music is important to you.  Also, Mr. Barrow will accept a two page essay on the following topic: “How/why music is important to me and society during the current corona virus pandemic.” Please note:  these are not “completion” grades.  Please take the time to compose a thorough and complete essay.  Your grade(s) will be reflective of the content and product as expected for an assignment in a HS English class of your grade level. 
  • The band trip to Branson has been cancelled.  Although this is disappointing, we are fortunate that the students should lose no money due to the cancellation of the trip.  Any amounts of money acquired through fundraising (chocolate, concessions, etc.) will be held in the booster account(s) as they always have.  Students who made cash deposits toward the cost of the trip may request a refund via e-mail through Mrs. Barrow (  Depending on the circumstances, there may be an opportunity later in the semester for band students to access fundraiser credit/funds for use in another band activity.  Also, seniors may be able to apply to use these funds through band booster scholarship opportunities. 
  • All chocolate sales are still active, and all chocolate and funds must be accounted for as stated in the signed trip commitment form.  There are a few boxes still left to check out and sell.  If you are interested in checking out more chocolate to sell or you need to turn in money, please make an appointment with Mrs. Barrow via e-mail or call the MHS band hall. 
  • Next week (week of March 30-April 3), students will be given a schedule where they can come to the band hall and pick up their instrument so they can participate from home in the interactive band activities.  As mentioned earlier, many directors and students from across the state are involved in some “trial” activities that should become available to all of us in the very near future.  This will require each participating student to have their instrument and access to a smartphone and/or computer with internet.  These interactive band activities are designed to be fun and rewarding for all participating band students.  For students that do not have this access, we will make every effort to create alternate musical opportunities.

Instructions for the BAND App

  • Please download onto your phone or device the BAND App.  If you do not have a smart phone, or access to one, you can also join the group online.  The app is similar in nature to Remind, but is much more user friendly and has some unique uses for band directors and students.
    • You can access the app from the QR Code below, just open your smart phone camera and hover over the code, it will take you to the app. 

If using your computer, you can type in the following URL:

  • Please use your actual name (first and last) when signing up.
  • Mrs. Barrow will also be emailing each student directly with the QR Code and URL
  • We will be using this BAND App for future assignments and communication, we encourage parents to join the group as well!


Although nothing can really take the place of a full band rehearsal, these activities will hopefully allow us to have some interesting musical experiences in the current environment – and some fun along the way! Stay tuned for details!

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to say how much each one of you means to us.  Every one of you is special, and I want you to know that we are looking forward to the day that we can meet together again and make great music as a band.  Take the time to tell your friends and family that you love and care about them.  We love and care about each one of you!




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